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Linabond Liquid Theater...

  • All of us should be comitted to the improvement of our water quality, including Linabond.
  • Many people will never see the overwhelming beauty of pristine water resources.
  • There must be a supreme effort to preserve and protect our water resources now, while there is still a chance.
  • Visual and audio media are capable of putting people in an extremely realistic "experience" of beauty that must be protected.

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The Liquid Theater was built with the intention of fulfilling a public trust. Knowledge of the reasons for the declining quality of water worldwide must be shared so that more people can participate in solving the problems with as much understanding as possible. Clean, life-giving water is inspiring and soothing to behold. But our oceans, streams, rivers and lakes will continue dying - just as our growing populations need them most desperately if we do not act decisively. We urge all water professionals to use every resource available to them to do whatever they can to help improve this situation. Your concern and your knowledge are desperately needed if we are to avoid an unprecedented international disaster. Many are unaware of the beauty - and life - that will be lost if our most valuable resource does not take its rightful place in our daily consciousness of our world. Water is both beauty and life. Please help us to show these things to as many people as possible. There are many ways to improve our water quality, but wastewater structure rehabilitation, wastewater pipeline protection and the prevention of wastewater structure infiltration can go a long way toward solving water quality problems.