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Internet Project Management - TODAY!...

  • Public Works Agencies, Engineering Firms and Contractors need absolutely current information on their projects
  • Public Works Projects are generally extremely expensive, and many Agencies have expressed their support for more extensive and more current documentation on their projects.
  • Without documented oversight, project costs can quickly soar out of control.
  • The Internet is intended for dissemination of information. Linabond has used it.

More about Linabond Project Management:

Accountability in our Public Works, on a daily basis, has been a concern of many Public Works Agencies and Linabond has responded by providing Internet Project Management that is available 24 hours every day via the Internet. The documentation is extensive, providing information in multiple media formats so that Contractors as well as Public Works Agencies can access their projects from their desktops. The approach has proven ideal for difficult projects involving wastewater corrosion, wastewater structure protection, wastewater pipeline protection and wastewater pipeline rehabilitation.