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Linabond Liquid Theater...

  • A large venue fully digital theater dedicated to water quality.
  • Available to universities, environmental groups and environmental agencies.
  • Highest quality digital projection equipment and surround sound, built inside the Linabond facility.
  • Accomodates groups of up to 200 people.

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The Liquid Theater is intended as a high-quality forum for groups with an interest in water, wastewater and environmental improvement. It features the capability of displaying high quality HD water and underwater cinematography which is both entertaining and informative for all water and wastewater professionals, along with other environmentally oriented organizations such as the EPA, Water Quality Boards, County Boards of Adminstrators and City Council groups, to mention a few. Along with its film capabilities, the theater is ideal for presentations which can be augmented with either film or other multimedia on a big screen nearly 2 stories high. Linabond® is pleased to make its theater available to groups interested in water quality and environmental improvement.
Sharing information is crucial if we are to improve our water quality. Wastewater corrosion control, wastewater pipeline repair and wastewater pipeline rehabilitation are significant problems within our collection and treatment systems which must be addressed if we want our infrastructure to protect our water resources.
We look forward to working with all organizations and groups who share our interest in water quality and environmental improvement. Reservations should be made at least 30 days in advance. Please call for information and reservations.
The Liquid Theater has been used in the past for training groups involved in wastewater pipeline repair, wastewater pipeline rehabilitation and general wastewater corrosion control projects. Wastewater pipeline repair and wastewater pipeline rehabilitation have a major impact on our ground water, and wastewater corrosion can be a major contributor to poor water quality in our waterways and oceans. We have found the theater to be invaluable as a forum for training and discussions on wastewater pipeline rehabilitation and wastewater pipeline repair. But we have also found in the process of using this theater that it is an ideal venue for documentary film on environmental issues such as water quality improvement, habitat restoration and water quality resources in general. We would also like to extend an invitation to our friends in the U.S. Department of Commerce when they can make use of such a venue for environmental trade delgations. As exporters, we do have some understanding of the difficulties faced by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, and have been their guests in other countries many times. It would be a great pleasure to be of assistance during these visits from our overseas trading partners.