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Emergency Wastewater Structure Repair:
Linabond® Co-Lining™ Systems

  • Highest Strength and Fastest Repair Method Available Anywhere
  • Can be installed while structure remains in service - Trenchless
  • Wastewater Structural Rehabilitation for Rehab and Emergency Conditions
  • Can be installed in excess of a lineal foot per minute
  • Aerospace quality sandwich composite construction
  • Designed for both new construction and rehabilitation of existing wastewater structures

  Wastewater Structure Emergency Rehab  

Wastewater structure emergency repair has become a critical issue as budgets for construction and maintenance have diminished. Possibly even more importantly, wastewater structure trenchless rehabilitation is an absolute necessity to avoid disruption of transportation and commerce, and to avoid compromising public health and safety.

Wastewater structure emergency corrosion repair requires methodology that inorporates both speed and structural integrity of the wastewater structure emergency repair. Bypassing is often impossible, always expensive and potentially dangerous.

Sandwich composite construction is literally at the "core" of aircraft construction. The Linabond Structural Polymer System is in fact a superior field implementation of the same type of construction and materials used in the aircraft we rely upon today for transportation worldwide. Applying these materials and construction methods to wastewater structure emergency repair has become increasingly important as our infrastructure ages - and eventually begins to collapse.

Hydrogen Sulfide Concrete Corrosion Mechanism:

Wastewater structure emergency repair is a major problem for municipalities worldwide. Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to wastewater concrete corrosion and the failure of H2S corrosion protection on a very wide range of structures, including pipelines, tunnels, pump stations, wet wells, plant influent structures, sedimentation tanks and many varieties of conveyance structures within the conveyance and treatment systems of every large city in the world. Most wastewater structure emergency repairs are the result of corrosion which has flourished beneath conventional coatings and linings. Conventional coatings and linings simply are not effective for wastewater structure trenchless rehabilitation. They lack the strength, speed and effective impermeability of a Co-Liner which incorporates the host structure as an essentially "new" structural component of the finished composite - once the Co-Liner and the host structure are incorporated into an essentially new type of structure. Point loads are continuously transferred between the original host structure and the sandwich composite - they have literally become one synergistic structure, just as the aluminum "skin" and "core" of an aircraft are one structure.