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Linabond® Sample Projects...

  • These are primarily PDF and video files showing some of the projects completed with Linabond® Co-Liners® over the past 30 years

Linabond Sample Projects
Linabond® Sample
Project History:



View sample projects completed with Linabond Co-Liners over the past 30 years. This is a PDF file.




Singapore DTSS:
PUB's Changi Plant...


Sample video of roughly 2 million square feet of Linabond® installed in the Global Water Project of the Year for 2009 (Zurich, Switzerland).


Jones Island:
TreatmentPlant Rehab...


Sample photos of recently completed Jones Island Project in Wisconsin.

Northside Interceptor:
Seattle Tunnel Rehab...


Overview of recently completed Northside Tunnel rehab: 138-inch diameter heavily corroded tunnel with large aggregate, completed while in service during night time low flows.


Waterfront Structural Rehab:
Wastewater Environmental threat...

Linabond® Simulform® System


Heavy structural loading at a waterfront loading dock threatens to collapse sensitive wastewater structures servicing 70% of downtown Miami, Florida. Simulform Waterfront Structural Repair is literally the only option possible.

Project history is a crucial element when choosing the most appropriate materials, methodology and techniques for your own projects. Linabond® has kept records going back more than a quarter of a century on its projects.