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Wastewater Corrosion Protection

  • These are links which you may find useful. Some will concern Co-Linings and others will be general water quality links

Linabond Eurasia

Savcor Linabond Australia Savcor- His Majesty's Theatre  

Savcor Linabond Australia


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Savcor Linabond:
His Majesty's Theater






























Communication is a key element in worldwide collaboration on water projects. Far too often, our industry lacks the communication capabilities to keep it current technologically, as well as culturally. Within these links, we hope to eventually mitigate this problem for the betterment of all of the populations who are and have been, suffering the stresses of water issues. Wastewater linings must replace wastewater coatings if we expect long life from our infrastructure. The losses from Epoxy Coating failures are staggering. And wastewater lining failures can be eliminated by addressing the problems of intermittent (locking extention or "cast-in-place") fastening methodology. These problems have a direct impact on our water quality. More knowledge and more easily accessible information will have a very significant impact on our water quality. There will always be more questions than answers, but we should strive to ask our questions with as much knowledge and discussion as we can possibly create. These links were created for that purpose.