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PUB and CH2MHill-CPG install nearly 2 million square feet of Linabond® Co-Lining™ Systems for Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Protection in DTSS Global Water Award's Water Project of the Year.


Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Protection

Wastewater Corrosion Prevention


Global Water Awards 2009...
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Singapore's DTSS and the New Water Plant symbolize a new era in water use and conservation - as well as Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Protection. The levels of progressive thought, ingenuity and attention to detail are an inspiration to all. Water is far too valuable as a resource to be used and discarded - to the detriment of our oceans and waterways. Singapore has shown tremendous insight with the DTSS and New Water Plant, which will undoubtedly become the model for other major metropolitan areas in the future, in wise water use and the avoidance of Wastewater Structure Repair and Wastewater Structure Corrosion. The Changi plant is certainly the heart of this vision. This ultra-modern treatment facility extends to nearly 200 feet below sea level, saving valuable land with its extremely small "footprint" and extensive capacity for treatment of wastewater - and then returning that "wastewater" to very high quality "New Water". This represents an unprecedented environmental advance, in our experience with water quality worldwide. Structures in the Changi Plant extend far below sea level, and a very robust PVC Lining System was necessary. Linabond first became involved when the Public Utilities Board (PUB) still had the name of "Ministry of the Environment" (MOE) during the late 1990's. Many hydrogen sulfide protective lining systems were examined and considered for the Changi Plant. This process of evaluation simply confirmed that CH2MHill and PUB had made a very wise choice in specifying Linabond® for the Changi Plant - especially considering the below sea level installation of the Protective Lining System. It is highly unlikely that a more appropriate Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Protection lining system could have been chosen to avoid costly future wastewater structure repair due to Wastewater Structure Corrosion. Singapore is a technologically advanced nation. But their advancements are the future of life in all nations, not just Singapore. They show the way.